Car Maintenance and Care

Here’s a check list of all the best ways to take care of your car and make it last and run for longer.

Use these top tips for car maintenance and you can literally save yourself hundreds and even thousands of pounds in the long run.

Take care of your battery with Battery Maintenance

There are many different type of car battery’s and as long as you have your Haynes Manual to hand, you can actually do a lot of its upkeep yourself. Take care of your car battery and it will last longer, and at the very least you should ensure you have some jump leads and di-ionised water to hand!

Buy yourself a Haynes Manual for starters! Get to know your car.

haynes manual

Haynes Manual’s have been used and trusted by the UK population for several decades; to fix, build and maintain cars in tip top condition. Haynes Manual’s are an excellent way to discover more about your car and literally help you to get to know your car inside and out. Haynes Manuals are available for every make of UK (& internationally manufactured) car and they are very reasonably priced (around £12!) so there’s no excuse not to get one. Once bought, you’ve got it to hand all the time and won’t have a blank look on your face next time you’re at the mechanics.

Never ever, ever let your engine oil run low.

Engine oil to your car is like blood to your body, it can’t live without it! You need to ensure that you use the right engine oil for your specific make of car because giving your car the wrong type of engine oil is almost as bad as giving it none.

Keep your car shiny and rust free with Body Repair products

If you’re happy to look like you’re driving a vehicle out of Shamless then pay no attention to your cars bodywork. If, however you do care what your car looks like on the outside as well as keeping the framework rust free then it’s a good idea to keep some body repair products to hand. At less than £6 CarPlan T-Cut Scratch Remover is an ideal product to keep your vehicle looking scratch free. Tetro Seal rust proofing is also a good product to use on a regular basis to improve the life of your body work.

Weather proof your car with Winter Chemicals.

We’ve had some pretty bad winters over the last couple of years here in the UK so we highly recommend that you get your car prepared before the next one arrives. CarPlan Premium Red Anti Freeze - 5 Litre is an excellent product for protecting your engine during the winter months, it does what it says in the name, it stops your engine from freezing!

Of course you’ll want to keep your windscreen clear and bug free in the summer months too so ensure you carry some screenwash with you at all times.

For in the car storage we recommend CarPlan All Seasons Screenwash 1 Litre.

Use these car maintenance tips and you’ll keep your car in top condition which gives you more miles, saves you lots of money and ensures you have a smooth and safe journey.